15w Silicone Dipped - Medium Size Base

15w Silicone Dipped - Medium Size Base
  • Item #: B-S-15m

Silicone dipped bulbs are designed for ambience and not for where a lot of light is required. However, they add a dramatic effect when added to your candle cover. These bulbs are hand-dipped in silicone to produce a candle flame appearance. When illuminated, light travels all through the bulb and into the flexible tip. This is the highest wattage silicone dipped bulb available in medium base (also known as Edison or standard base).

  • 2000 hours average life
  • Medium (E26) Base
  • Light Output: 70 Lumens
  • Satin finish silicone
  • Highest wattage available for medium base

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Price $2.75

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