3" Diameter Translucent Beeswax

3" Diameter Translucent Beeswax
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  • Item #: W-TL-3
  • Cannot ship to: Canada

Translucent candles are designed for the bulb to be hidden on the inside so that it glows through the beeswax, creating a fabulous ambience. We custom make each one of these to your specific order so please allow 15 business days for completion. Because the bulb is on the inside use only LED bulbs for higher light output and no risk of melting. Candles are shown with drips but we can manufacture them with no drips upon request.

The fourth picture shows colors as follows:

From left - 1. Honey, 2. Antique Ivory, 3. Ivory.

  • Custom Product: This is a highly customized product. Please allow 15 business days for completion.
  • Interior diameter: 2.5".
  • Each one custom made by hand.
  • Gives off a beautiful translucent glow.
  • Available with no drips upon request.
  • Use only LED bulbs to prevent melting.
  • Please see Terms & Conditions for custom product return policy.


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